How can ARS help "Move You" in the right direction?




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So, what does ARS do for you?
Busy professional athletes have enough on their minds. When ARS is engaged - athletes and their families will receive accountable, reliable and complete relocation assistance.

No matter where an athlete is moving - Athletes Relocation Services will directly coordinate every aspect of their move, start to finish.

Our network of hand picked professionals are ready to meet the needs of relocating athletes at a moment's notice.

ARS services at a glance

Selling or leasing your existing home

Finding and acquiring your new home

Temporary housing

Securing a mortgage

Securing home Insurance

Property management

Document preparation

Home improvement contracting

Closing services



How ARS Works...
Basically, 3 simple steps ensure a smooth relocation with ARS.

Contact us to register.

You can register your new personal, private and secure ARS account with one of the following methods that is the most comfortable to you:

  • Register with one of Athletes Relocation Services' support staff members by calling 877.277.2220
  • Register with one of Athletes Relocation Services' support staff members via Live Chat - ( coming soon... )
  • Register privately and securely on your own, Online - ( coming soon... )

Communicate with your personal ARS Rep.

Your ARS representative will introduce himself / herself and then ask a few questions to gather key information. The information you provide to your ARS Rep is held in the strictest of confidence, and will be shared ONLY within our trusted network and ONLY with those whom need the information to provide your services.

Now it's time for your ARS Rep to get down to business...

Relax with confidence.

You need to keep your head in the game.

Your ARS Rep will be busy coordinating every aspect of your relocation from start to absolute finish - gathering and submitting your vital data to our network of professionals whom are ready to meet your needs at a moments notice.

Depending on the complexity of the relocation, occasionally, you will be contacted for various approvals, opinions, scheduling, etc.

OK, so why choose ARS?


Athletes Relocation Services is operated by professional athletes and experienced Real Estate brokers so we understand the unique needs of relocating athletes.

Personal Service

Our clients will work one on one with an ARS relocation expert to manage: researching neighborhoods, securing financing, hiring contractors, moving, storage and so much more.

Complete Discretion

Clients can trust our professionals to provide the services required at a moment's notice, with complete discretion and sincere respect for privacy.